Step 0.

Conceptualization & Planning

"You can’t be what you can’t see." The first step to reaching your goal is to know what it is.

At WHITEWATERKRAFT we deliver your unique business idea embodied in a digital product, so we start each project with a thorough exploration of your original concept.

Together with the client we clarify the original idea and the product concept.

Based on this, we define UX research questions and UX design goals.

Based on clear goals, we define the project flow, timing, and milestones, uniquely customized to the available time and budget.

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Step 1.

UX Research

Successful product development requires a clear understanding of what consumers want, what the client has to offer, and how competitors operate.

Before diving into product design we conduct thorough UX research to identify unique value propositions.

Market research and competitor analysis to explore already existing solutions.

Qualitative consumer research to explore user context, personas and journey. 

Usability testing to finetune the digital product.

Step 2.

Service Design

We use UX research results to finetune the original idea and strategically develop the product concept to seize business opportunities and go beyond meeting consumer needs: we design to transform the lives of future users.

Through an iterative process in close cooperation with our clients we help building intuitive services that deliver unique and distinguishable benefits for users.

Step 3.

UX Design

Our wireframes incorporate on the results of UX research and service design. We deliver clear information architecture based on the identified value propositions – in other words, we make order in the chaos.

We plan a digital product that answers a real consumer inquiry, and we find the most user-friendly ways to integrate all services and solutions our clients planned to provide.

Step 4.

UX Writing

Do you have your own unique style as a company? 

Do your users speak a distinct lingo? 

Are you ready to say what you mean, even through your app?

If yes, let us help you communicate effectively. Whitewaterkraft prepares powerful copy that is clear and approachable to your users and supports usability and also high conversion for your services.

Step 5.

UI Design

An image speaks a thousand words, and the user interface of your digital product tells it all about your company and the quality of your service.

We design strikingly beautiful, or simply pleasant interfaces, always keeping in mind the style of your company and the nature of your service.

Step 6.

Branding & Graphic Design

Memorable brand visuals are key to becoming a favorite with your customers. We provide outstanding art direction services focusing on three areas.

  1. Brand layout design
  2. Digital and print ads
  3. Video and photography
Step 7.

Growth Strategy

A good-looking, seamlessly working digital product is the starting point to success, but a thriving business needs more. Whitewaterkraft provides continuous cooperation in order to grow and leverage your product in line with your business goals.

We have your back if you need an expert in

  • Conversion tracking
  • Online campaign management
  • Service optimization
  • Content strategy