Végtagmentő – Save Your Limb app by MEROVA

The threat of losing a limb...

Inaccurate diagnosis of diabetes often leads to limb amputation. To prevent the loss of a limb, patients need access to a timely diagnosis and a well-attended care plan

...reduced by a digital solution

The challenge was to design and build an application that supports both patients and doctors in proactive participation of saving the affected limb.


Defining needs

Through UX research & Client workshops

Patients' needs:

  • a tool to recognize symptoms 
  • a tool to communicate symptoms effectively to their doctor
  • after diagnosis: a reliable source to learn about the diabetic foot and appropriate tools of care

Doctors' needs:

  • support to precisely define the disease status
  • support to design and follow-up with the appropriate care plan

Encompass decades of medical experience...

The design team of WHITEWATERKRAFT closely cooperated with Prof Rozsos to build a platform that includes encyclopedic medical knowledge for doctors on the one hand, and accessible and reliable information for patients on the other.

...in an accessible digital product

The application provides a digital platform that culminates decades of clinical practice in the field of diabetic care. The method was developed by László Mecseky MD, István Rozsos MD, and Gergely Vadász MD – the acronym MEROVA is composed of the doctors’ names.

Continuous cooperation based on design and data

Research done, wireframe done, UI ready. Everything works fine. Here comes the less shiny, but equally essential work of supporting our client in generating revenue through their brand new digital solution.

Admin platform design

Next to the patient and doctor platforms, WHITEWATERKRAFT also designed the admin system which the client can operate independently in order to keep the app's medical content up-to-date.
We built a system that is straightforward to use and fits the unique needs of medical information. The structure helps the client in formulating complex medical information in a way that is accessible to patients and colleagues alike.

Development in cooperation

WHITEWATERKRAFT coordinated the frontend and backend development of the application for iOS and Andriod.
We also designed and built a brand new landing page for the app.

Getting ready to launch

We designed the app's introductory website and wrote all the creative copy for the site and accompanying marketing materials.

We also managed the marketing campaign of the app launch, providing digital support for a successful take-off.


Product & growth support

Cooperation with the client did not end at the product launch: we continue to monitor app usability, track the most popular features and provide data-driven sales support. We constantly develop creative ideas to increase product engagement.


Patient platform with

  • Interactive diagnostics service
  • List of local professionals (physiotherapist, dietitian, pedicure)
  • Lifestyle advisory

Doctors' platform with

  • Disease directory to support diagnostics
  • Prescription support database
  • Conferences & events for medical professionals
  • Contact to Professor Rozsos


Active app installations


In-app interactive diagnostics


in major Hungarian media outlets

Agile & multidisciplinary team for the win

A team of UX & UI designers, backend & frontend developers, and a UX writer worked together to create the Save Your Limb app by MEROVA. Their seamless cooperation was key to the success of the app.