How It Started

FRESHERA is a healthy snack delivery, and the brand was in need of a visual identity including packaging, flyers, business cards and a website. They reached out to us with a request to design the identity of the brand, right before its launch.

Concept Evaluation

As soon as we started designing the website, we realized that there was much more we could contribute to FRESHERA’s success. Our project management wizards evaluated the processes and came up with a delivery timeline to optimize the duration of the work required for a successful product launch.

Business Conceptualization

Some clients might be surprised by the amount of decisions it takes to build a good website. Simultaneously they might also find a few grey areas in their original product concept. That’s fine and WHITEWATERKRAFT’s service design squad is there to help.

Overcoming Challenges

After evaluating our clients’ concept and product, we support the development and launch with consumer research and detailed project planning. We use our digital design experience and legal know-how to avoid unpleasant bottlenecks and ensure that the product reaches a wide audience.

Service Design

 First, we further shaped and optimized the operational structure of the FRESHERA concept, dividing it into three segments (business, consumer and catering), and identified values for the target audience in all three areas.

UX Writing

We also wrote creative copy for our client, some of which eventually became brand-defining turns of phrase and the basis of the website’s entire marketing concept.

Growth Strategy

We developed a complex, functional business strategy for our client that would stand its ground even in case of minor changes in business.


The Outcome

 It started out as a simple brand identity design request, and turned into a growth-accelerating service design project that shaped our client’s vision into a beautifully operating business.