The Idea

FABRIKME is our own brand. A real passion project and our very own playground to experiment with cutting-edge visual design concepts and their appearance on physical products.

The Challenge

How can we impress audiences with eccentric visual taste?

Which products can best bear beautiful visual design?

Which product lines ensure brand consistency?

The Process

After extensive competitor analysis and countless discussions with interior decorators, we started to design and print unique visual pieces and apply them to various home accessories.

We also looked far and wide for high-quality manufacturers. Our goal was to match Hungarian design with local craftsmanship and deliver a 100% Hungarian product. We rose to the challenge of setting up the logistics for both product ordering and stock management.


While creating visuals for FABRIKME, we had our target audience in mind: women and men who enjoy interior decoration, aesthetics and nice images.


Design Concept

Fabrikme is nested in the world of fashion. Our interior design products are tokens of style, bringing good vibes and color to any home.

Online Shopping

We successfully fought our battles in the world of barcodes as well, and gathered extensive knowledge on international logistics related to online retail of design products.


Head over to the Fabrikme site, browse our selection of beautiful design products and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our work.


7 unpaid magazine features

in 6 months on Fabrikme's cutting edge home decor designs


unique website visits from the Hungarian market in the first month